Is the Dalton book Club like the “Richard & Judy” Book Club?

No, at meetings we do not all read the same book. In fact we don’t read books at the meetings at all

OK, so what is it for then?

That’s a good question. The Dalton Book Club was established in 1764 as a form of lending library because books were very expensive in the 18th Century

How often do you meet?

We meet at the White Horse on the fourth Wednesday of every month except December when it is the second Wednesday

What do you do at meetings?

We follow the original rules from 1764. Books are borrowed, fees are paid and drinks are drunk. There’s also quite a lot of conversation

Would I have to read books?

Reading books is not a requirement. Some members are keen readers, others less so

Do you discuss books at the meetings?

Very rarely

Who are your members?

Our membership is quite diverse, ranging from a retired bank manager to an oil and gas Process Engineer

Is it expensive to be a member of the Dalton Book Club?

The annual fee is currently £12 and there is a meeting fee of 3p (I told you we follow the original rules!)

How could I become a member?

Technically you don’t apply to be a member, you have to be invited by an existing one. There is a limit of thirty members all together. However, if we were to learn of your interest in the club an existing member could discuss membership more fully with you and potentially refer your membership to the members vote

How do I contact you?

Email: Secretary@DaltonBookClub.org