May 1997

Members were informed that Bill Robinson was in hospital and very poorly. Terry Braithwaite advised that the Forster dinner would be at the Old Mill on Thursday the 10th of July meeting between 7.30 – 8.00pm. A somewhat memorable May meeting as Gordon Macgregor was not to be heard although present. Terry Braithwaite took charge of the book sale doing a splendid job and proving to be as economical with the truth regarding the merits of various books as is Mr Macgregor. A sum of £44.75 being raised on the night plus £5 to come from absentees.

April 1997

The Secretary raised the subject of members in the book club advising that there were two vacancies to bring the numbers up to 29 and that names of prospective members could be put forward through the President. Terry Braithwaite asked for thought to be given regarding the Forster dinner and after some discussion it was decided he should make tentative enquiries re the Old Mill as the venue on either the 10th or 17th July. He will report back.

February 1997

A poor attendance, only 15 members present, The President thanked Terry Braithwaite and John Phillipson for their efforts in organising the Simpson Dinner at the Newton and which had been enjoyed by all members present on that night. The Treasurer John Wood advised members that Club funds were at a low ebb, due mainly to expenditure on the deed box and purchase of 5 years supply of book cover binding material. Funds will increase shortly with a book sale in May and then annual subs.

December 1996

It was agreed that the Simpson Dinner be held on Thursday 6th of February at the Newton in Dalton if available and with the Brown Cow as a second option. Mr Braithwaite is to attend to the arrangements. Tom Walton mentioned that the books etc, in the boxes held at the bank deteriorating. He said that he had been in contact with the Archivist at Barrow, who had advised him that the boxes could be lodged with them free of charge at present. The contents of the boxes would have to be listed and the general public would not have access to them. It was suggested that Tom, the President, Treasurer and Secretary should be authorised to have access to them. Tom is also to enquire if some renovation could be carried out on some of the records but will report back to the President re costs before authorising the work. The meeting was formally closed and an excellent Xmas buffet was enjoyed by all.

November 1996

The President thanked the catering officers for arranging Ladies Night dinner which had been a most enjoyable evening. Terry Braithwaite said members should be giving some thought to the Simpson Dinner in February re venue etc, John Wood took charge of the book sale which raised with fines in excess of £50. December meeting to be on the 18th and a buffet has been ordered at £5 per head from Club funds.

October 1996

The dinner for Ladies Night to be held on Thursday 21st November, venue to be Fishermans Arms as first choice. If not available on that night then the dinner will be held at Clarence House. John Wood said he had made enquiries re a metal deed box for the Club records and that the cost could be in the region of £100. Agreed he should go ahead with the purchase. He also mentioned that Tom Walton had not asked for any remuneration for the considerable time spent on his putting the Club records on computer. He therefore felt that the next years annual Club subscription for Tom should be waived. Agreed.