August 1990

Mr Travis took the chair in the absence of Mr Forsyth. Former member John Darrell was a welcome visitor. Mr Boddy proposed we should accept no charge from him, since we are always pleased to see him. The President (acting) had already taken care of this matter. No “Newcastle Brown” tonight – collapse of Jack Blyth. Mr Travis noted that the cost of drinks was about £1.30 for each member (and set to rise further). Mr Delph asked permission to smoke. Mr Travis – “If you must you can”. Mr Phillipson outlined an invitation of the “Dalton History Society” to an “At Home” at Barrow, Furness Abbey etc, — see leaflet. He also drew attention to a new book by A Fadzean. Details next meeting.

July 1990

Mr Macgregor willing to carry on as Assistant Secretary (he was absent from the A.G.M.). He invited members to comment on the kind of topics and subjects of books members would like to see in the Club. The Treasurer reminded that subs and payments outstanding are due. The President stressed that 19 books were returned tonight and he urged members to be pernickerty about sending in books when they cannot attend a meeting, perhaps fines should be increased. Mr Boddy – we should consider having two dinners a year instead of three as at present and to think about this in the near future.

June 1990

Dr Rogerson proposed that the Club should continue for another year, agreed. Minutes for previous year read and accepted. Mr Taylor presented accounts and Mr Boddy proposed acceptance of them.
The President thanked Mr Taylor for his efforts during the year working on the accounts and finances of the Club. He also thanked Mr Macgregor (in his absence) for his work on selecting and buying of the books and also on his skill and humour when acting as auctioneer at the book sales. Mr Wood and Mr Braithwaite were also thanked for their good efforts in arranging the Clubs dinners. The members too were thanked for their support at the functions, especially enjoyable had been the dinner at Michaelson House. Mr Atkinson as retiring President thanked the members for the help and support given to him during his Presidency. He then invited Mr Forsyth to take the chair as incoming President.
Mr Forsyth welcomed Dr S Rogerson to the Club and outlined the rules and duties required of him. Dr Rogerson suitably replied. Subscriptions to be kept at £10. Mr Travis to be Vice-President, other officers as at present. Mr Forsyth said the stewards role was an important part of our Club and they were greatly appreciated.

Memorandum of Agreement.

We whose names are hereunto subscribed do consent and agree to form a club in the “Dalton Conservative Club” to commence on the 27th day of June 1990 and to continue for the space of one year. Agreeable to the Rules and Directions contained in this book and we do hereby promise to conform to the same accordingly.

G I Forsyth J Blyth J Taylor
W H Robinson J E Walton R Forrester
E H Boddy R G Macgregor J Phillipson
H G Doling R Hodgson A Sunderland
J C Atkinson B Delph R Stern
E Travis A Cassley W Morgan
A Taylor T A Walton W Lawson
A Bamford W Hannah W Jones
R G Porter T Braithwaite S Rogerson
J Wood W Johnson