August 1994

The President thanked John Phillipson for organising the “Forster Dinner” which had been enjoyed by the 16 members attending. He then asked if John and Terry could be giving some thought to venues for “Ladies Night” which is usually held in November. Bernard Delph has put forward a Mr Lawrence Kidney for proposed membership to the Club. Bill Jones has very kindly donated to the Club a signed copy of “Willie” by Mike Gardner, being the biography of Willie Horne. The subject of a Club Tie was again raised and the President and Treasurer were of the opinion that the Club was not really in a position to subscribe part of the initial costs. However, they are to discuss this in detail and the matter will be brought up next month.

June 1994

Mr Reeve proposed that the Club should continue for a further 12 months. Agreed. The minutes for the past year were read and accepted. Mr Taylor due to health reasons had not been able to present the accounts and will have these available for next month. However he did have a figure for the Club finances which total £341.01 and felt that the annual subscription could be possibly held at £10.00. Mr Travis thanked the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and the Catering Officers for their services during his 2 years as President. The new President and Vice President to be Alan Taylor and Ron Porter respectively. Other officers to go forward as at present with the exception of  Treasurer, this office will now be carried out by John Wood who confirmed the subscription will remain at £10.00. Because of the absence of both Terry Braithwaite and John Phillipson, decisions re the “Forster Dinner” have been delayed. Mr Taylor took over as President and paid tribute to the past President, Mr Travis who has done a very good job during his term of office.

April 1994

The President asked Alan Cassley to address the meeting regarding the possible purchase of a Club Tie and the Secretary gave details of prices and minimum numbers that could be ordered of the two types of tie. Namely the cheaper printed tie or the dearer woven tie. Of the 21 members present 5 said they would not be prepared to buy a Club Tie. This would of course increase the cost of ties to those prepared to buy. Mr Phillipson asked if the cost of design of the tie could be initially be paid for from Club funds, which would be in the region of £95.00 minimum. The subject is to be raised again at a future meeting. Price details etc are with the Secretary’s notes.

August 1993

In the absence of Mr Travis, Mr Forsyth chaired the meeting with Mr Atkinson standing in for Mr Macgregor. Mr Boddy mentioned that Bryn Trescatheric’s Book of Furness would shortly be available at a cost of £15.95 and said that our name could be registered as a subscriber if we placed an order. The general consensus of opinion was that we should be seen to support local authors. To be discussed further.

May 1993

The President read out a letter from Arthur Bamford who regrettably declined the invitation to rejoin the Club. He also read out a letter from Lawrence Searle tendering his resignation because of business and personal commitments. The Forster Dinner is confirmed for Thursday the 8th of July at Clarence House. Gordon Macgregor acted as auctioneer at the book sale which was enjoyed by a rapt audience of 23 members and a total of £51.75 was raised.