September 1992

Bill Morgan on his retirement presented the Club with bottles of whisky and gin. Ladies night to be held at Glen Garth on the provisional date of 12th of November. The President had met with the Conservative Club Chairman and was told they were not wanting to be rid of us but they had a problem regarding the attitude of their steward. However they are hoping to improve the decor of the room. The President then read out a letter of resignation from Robert Hodgson over the issues raised on the wearing of ties at Book Club meetings which he took to be criticism of him and his mode of dress. After much discussion a unanimous vote was given that for the time being we do not accept the resignation. Mr Phillipson is to approach Mr Hodgson in an effort to persuade him to withdraw his resignation. Should this fail the Secretary is to write to Robert in a final attempt to resolve the matter. Jim Walton said if he was the unwitting cause of this resignation he would then consider resigning. This idea was turned down unanimously by the members who said no blame attached to him whatsoever.

July 1992

Mr Macgregor is absent, he has gone to Barcelona for the Olympics and Terry Braithwaite presumed he was for the high jump. Alan Taylor submitted the accounts and made mention of the fact that Bank charges were now being levied on the Book Club accounts. Mr Atkinson proposed acceptance of the annual accounts and also proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Taylor for his sterling work. The President raised the matter of a deficit on drinks money and because of rising prices it would seem that future whips will need to be in the region of £2. Mr Travis then raised the question of Club members wearing ties. After some discussion Mr Robinson said his personal opinion was that ties should be worn at Club meetings and that in summer months these and jackets could be removed at the discretion of the President. Several other members endorsed this view and no members spoke against the wearing of ties. Whilst there has been no hard and fast ruling laid down, the position has been left that the President if he feels it necessary at any future time, would speak to any member if he thought that members mode of dress was not appropriate for the monthly meeting. Vote for Peter Leach was unanimous for acceptance. Club members are each to receive a list of all current members showing their addresses and telephone numbers.

February 1991

Simpson Dinner to be at Chappels Restaurant on the 14th March. Only 17 present tonight. Mr Cassley presented the Club with bottles of whisky and gin to celebrate his retirement, which according to the President is now classed as a post of profit in order to obey the Club rules. On receiving the Club members good wishes and thanks for the spirits, Mr Cassley replied in one word – “Thanks”.