December 1991

Mr Miller joined the Club, he was welcomed by the President. Mr Miller responded very aptly quoting certain rules he did not intend to fall foul of. Mr Wood supplied a bottle of whisky, (Invalidity Benefit), on his retirement from the Bank. Mr Blyth asked if the meeting was closed so that we can now enjoy free speech. Proposed that the “Simpson Dinner” be held at Chequers, price £7.95 approx, for Thursday the 6th of February. Reminder of £1.00 fine for non attendance. Excellent buffet provided by the Steward of the Conservative Club.

November 1991

Bill Morgan presented the club with a copy of “25 Years Electrical Installation Dept, Social Club 1966 – 1991 V.S.E.L.” of which he was a member as was our deputy President Eric Travis. W Jones presented the club with a large bottle of whisky having gained an “Office of Profit” by being redundant in August from V.S.E.L. He is now to monitor, establish and promote projects of engineering courses in schools. President wished him success in his new venture.Vote for Harry Miller, ballot favourable. Next months meeting on the 18th December with usual buffet. Mr Wood acted as auctioneer in the absence of Gordon Macgregor, a job well done.

September 1991

John Phillipson presented the club with whisky (very good too). Letter from Mr Bamford explaining his resignation due to ill health of his wife read out to members. Mr Harry Miller to be invited to join the club. John Phillipson suggested Chequers for Ladies Dinner, accepted. John Wood now retired is to see if our archives can still be kept in the Nat West strongroom at Dalton. Mr Taylor reminded us that some subs are still outstanding. £10 owed by Mr Phillipson and Mr Searle. Card from Mr Macgregor describing his exploits in Hungary. Mr Jones wanted to know if the card had a stamp on it?. Could this be a slur on Gordon’s Nationality?.

July 1991

We whose names are hereunto subscribed do consent and agree to form a club in the Conservative Club Dalton-in-Furness to commence on the 26th day of June 1991 and to continue for the space of one year. Agreeable to the Rules and Directions contained in this book and we do hereby promise to conform to the same accordingly.

G I Forsyth J Blyth R Forrester W H Robinson J E Walton J Phillipson

E H Boddy R G Macgregor A Sunderland H G Doling R Hodgson R Stern

J C Atkinson B Delph W Morgan E Travis A Cassley W Lawson

A Taylor T A Walton W Jones A Bamford W Hannah S Rogerson

R G Porter T Braithwaite L Searle J Wood W Johnson

Mr Jim Walton late (perhaps we should only comment when he is prompt). Vote of thanks for very good dinner organised by Terry Braithwaite. Discussion on number of dinners we should hold. Ladies may be very disappointed if Ladies Night is dropped. Ernest Boddy to bring old notes re Forster and Simpson dinners.

June 1991

Dr Rogerson proposed Club should continue for one year, approved. Drank the health of Jim Walton on his retirement. A.G.M minutes read and accepted. Mr Taylor submitted accounts, (He had been to the races at Carlisle today) and requested permission to sit down and present his accounts.It was accepted that the subscription be held at £10. Mr Taylor was applauded for his sterling effort in declaring a dividend. Mr Macgregor:- First one to complain about the quality of the books gets the job of buying them. Cost of books in hard back averaging £17.50, policy has been to buy novels in paperbacks. A healthy Bank balance due to good book sales. Officers to go forward as at present. Mr Phillipson proposed as Assistant Catering Officer. En-Bloc acceptance. Proposer R Stern.