Annual Summary 2022-2023

At the June 2022 Meeting and AGM Mr Moore proposed that the Club continue for another year. Carried unanimously. Mr Davidson thanked the members and officers for their support during his term of office. Mr Proctor assumed the Presidency for the first year of his two and  the other officers of the club agreed to continue in their posts.

We started the year with 14 full members and one honorary member in the person of Bill Jones.  During the course of the twelve months we gained four full members and were pleased to create two more honorary ones in Harry Miller and Terry Braithwaite. Membership currently stands at 15.

Average attendance at meetings this year was slightly up at 9. The decision was taken to remove magazines from the boxes to make space for more books and two book sales were held to further reduce crowding. A total of 94 books were loaned, the most popular being No. 201, Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast & Slow”.

Thanks to the hard work of our entertainment secretary, Mr Moore, two successful dinners were held, firstly the Ladies’ Night Dinner at the Stan Laurel Inn in Ulverston and secondly the Simpson Dinner for members at The Village Inn in Newton. Pie and Peas, cheese and biscuits and cake were served at the December Meeting, again with thanks to Mr Moore.

Our meeting venue, The White Horse now sports a plaque as part of the Dalton Heritage Trail. The trail was inaugurated at the Celebrate Dalton Day in June at which The Club was represented and a number of people were made aware of the existence of the oldest book club in the world.

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